How Was BunNFT Born?

Losing a pet is never easy...it's like losing a member of your family. The day my Bunnie Spice crossed over the rainbow bridge was the most devastating days of my life. I felt like a part of my world ended that day. After bringing me joy for over 10 years, I could not imagine my life being happy without him. He left a void in not only my life but also others which he touched. I wanted his memory to live on somehow as well as bring joy to others like he brought to me. Everyday he brought a smile to my face and one thing which he loved to do was dress up. My fondest memory was both .of us dressing up like Santa Claus. Everyone that saw that Christmas photo has a instant sense of joy. This is when I decided to create the BunNFT collection!

Welcome To BunNFT

Starting September 2021 I decided to begin the journey of Spice in the virtual world.  Everyday he brought joy into the lives of many so I wanted to bring that to all of you!  Everyday a new NFT will be uploaded on OpenSea (For Now).  I will be using the Polygon Network since gas fees are crazy but hope to move over the ETH in the near future.